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Swing is cross-chain infrastructure for the internet. It is an interoperability protocol that unifies multi-chain liquidity to enable arbitrary cross-chain interactions. It serves as an open standard and common building block for developers and traders needing cross-chain exchange functionality. Swing aggregates liquidity from major blockchains, cross-chain bridges, and decentralized liquidity sources.

How can I use Swing?

Swing API/SDK for developers

Build dApps with cross-chain liquidity and interoperability at its core

Integrate at the smart contract or application layer

Keep users on your interface for on-chain and cross-chain swaps

Swing App for crypto traders and investors

Easily trade and move crypto across layer 1 and 2 blockchains

Find the best route (cheapest, fastest or highest amount) for cross-chain swaps

Swing developers build cross-chain dApps with a few lines of code

Swing simplifies how developers integrate and route cross-chain liquidity into everyday dApps.

🔥 Get Started

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Swing API

Explore server-side API libraries and integrate with API endpoints

🖥 Swing SDK

Explore the SDK to build and customize apps with Swing

What can I build on Swing?

💵 Cross-chain wallets

🤖 Cross-chain arbitrage bots

🏪 Cross-chain NFT marketplaces

📊 Cross-chain yield aggregators

📈 Cross-chain DEXes

🏦 Cross-chain money markets

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