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🏁 Getting started with Swing

As Swing progresses as a foundation for cross-chain liquidity, it aims to partner with other DeFi and AMM communities and provide support to build out their products. This will lead to both additional liquidity and faster, more efficient DeFi protocols for everyone.

Using Swing, developers can easily achieve cross-chain communication and open up a myriad of use cases and applications.

⚒️ How to Integrate Swing

1. Swing Embedded Widget

👀 Coming Soon.

2. Swing API

Explore server-side API libraries and integrate with API endpoints. Browse the documentation and demo code with our mock servers for custom integrations.

⛓️pageSwing API

3. Swing SDK

Explore the SDK to build and customize dApps with Swing. This option makes sense if you already have an existing UI or have the capacity to build one.

🖥️pageSwing SDK

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