💡Use Cases

Start-up ideas!

💡 What can you build with the Swing API/SDK?

1. Use Swing to build cross-chain swaps directly into:

💵 Wallets

📈 DEXes

🤖 Arbitrage bots

📊 Yield aggregators or Yield as a service

🏪 NFT marketplaces

🏦 Money Markets (Aave, Compound, etc)

🔀 DeFi protocols

2. Take crypto and stablecoin deposits from any blockchain!

🏦 Have users deposit crypto on any blockchain (ie. Fantom) and earn yield or perform other DeFi transactions on another chain(ie. Aribitrum).

🚀 Swing automatically bridges funds over and abstracts the need for the user to interact with an external bridge.

3. Build Cross-chain Lending/Borrowing Protocols

🏪 Historically lending/borrowing protocols have been built on a single blockchain. This means you have to collateralize, borrow and repay loans in one place.

🚀 Swing champions cross-chain communication allowing dApps to collateralize, borrow and repay transactions on different blockchains.

4. Put Yield Farming Strategies on Steroids

🔀 Yield aggregators typically deploy strategies on one blockchain at a time. What if cross-chain strategies could be deployed to generate higher ROI?

🚀 Swing helps yield aggregator protocols keep track of yields on multiple chains and provide liquidity to maximize yield ROI.

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